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  • INPUT: HDMI, Composite A/V, S-Video
  • OUTPUT: HDMI, HDMI, Digital Coaxial Audio, Analog Stereo Audio
  • Converts any 576i/576p/720p/1080i/1080p PAL signal 50 Hz <> 480p/720p/1080i/1080p NTSC signal 60Hz
  • No video delay. Real Time video Conversion. Perfect for ANY size TV
  • 110/220V Worldwide Voltage



OREI XD-1090 PAL to NTSC HDMI Scaler Video Converter

The OREI XD-1090 is a premium Composite A/V, S-Video, or HDMI to HDMI Scaler. It accepts HDMI input or composite A/V and upscales it to a HDMI output (at a number of selectable resolutions) with selectable output of PAL(50hz) or NTSC(60hz) and additional coxial digital audio or 3.5mm audio out. Any HDMI input resolution could be up-converted up to 1080p or down-converted as well to any resolution (720p or 1080p). The XD-1090 is also a perfect solution for converting HD signal from 50Hz to 60Hz or 60Hz to 50Hz, this feature will allow you to connect HDMI video source from a PAL format region to a NTSC region, for example, a European HD source to a USA TV with HDMI input. With REIO Technology which provides it optimizes the whole process and resulting in a more precise, more vivid and no jitter image. Works perfectly even for fast moving video and action scenes.

LCD or PLASMA TV: Use an NTSC (American) TV in an overseas PAL country, convert PAL HDTV signal to NTSC HDTV to make it compatible with your American TV. Local PAL HDTV tuner like a Cable Box or Satellite Receiver is required. This converter does not tune channels.

Key Features:
  • No video delay. Real Time video Conversion.
  • REIO Technology- Vivid Quality
  • This unit delivers crystal clear converted pictures, exceptional super-stable synchronism and superior color separation
  • Perfect for ANY size TV - Absolute NO SIGNAL LOSS
  • Converts Any PAL (50hz) Signal to NTSC HDMI (60hz) 1080p OR Converts any NTSC (60hz) to PAL HDMI (50hz)
  • Accepts all PAL, NTSC or SECAM formats
  • Supports 50/60Hz frame rate conversion.
  • Inputs: HDMI, Composite A/V, S-Video
  • Outputs: HDMI,
  • Supports PAL/NTSC HDMI Input Format: 480I/576I/480P/576P/720P at 50 or 60Hz/1080I at 50 or 60Hz/1080P at 50 or 60Hz
  • Perfect for NTSC TV in overseas countries, and PAL PS3, X-Box, Wii on US TV
  • Includes 100-240V Universal Power Adapter with Standard US Plug
  • HDMI Output Format: 720P at 50/60Hz, 1080P at 50/60Hz. (Option to Select PAL or NTSC)
  • HDMI Input Format: 480I/576I/480P/576P/720P/1080I/1080P at 50/60Hz.
  • S-Video AV / Composite / CVBS Input Format: PAL/NTSC_M/NTSC4.43/SECAM/PLA-M/PAL-N.
  • Compatible with several DVI formats: 800X600, 1024X768, 1280X1024, 1360X768, 1680X1050,
  • Orei XD-1090 Video Converter
  • Power Supply (110/220V)
  • User Manual
  • 30-Day Bombay Electronics Warranty
  • 1 Years Manufacturer's Parts warranty

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Orei XD-1090 Premium PAL HDMI / Composite to NTSC HDMI 50/60 Hz Multi-System Digital Audio Video Converter (REIO Technology)

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