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  • INPUT: RCA Composite A/V
  • OUTPUT: HDMI - 720p/1080p
  • No audio delay, Real Time video Conversion
  • PAL Analog Signal to NTSC HDMI TV
  • 110/220V Worldwide use



OREI RCA to HDMI Video Converter PAL-NTSC Supported

OREI XD-901 Digital Video Converter delivers high-quality converted pictures, exceptional super-stable synchronism and superior color separation. It is ideal for cable box, satellite receiver, tape conversion, DVD players, digital camcorders, video editing & capture, multisystem VCR and multimedia applications. It accepts S-Video or Composite A/V connection from PAL or NTSC source and upscales and converts it to HDMI (50/60hz) signal.

Applications used for:

TVs: Take your NTSC American HD TV overseas or bring your PAL or SECAM TV to the USA . Using the high conversion quality of the OREI XD-901 to convert TV signals from PAL to NTSC or vice versa. Eliminating the need to buy a new multi-system TV set. Since this converter has a digital video processing, you will have a very low signal degradation, almost impossible to see the difference.

PAL Camcorder: Connect any analog source with A/V or S-Video connection to NTSC HD TV.

Key Features:
  • No video delay. Real Time video Conversion.
  • Use your PAL/SECAM equipment on a HD NTSC TV
  • Convert RCA or Composite to HDMI 720p1080p (selectable output resolution)
  • Crisp and clear converted video. Latest video correction technology. You will even get better results on your video by using the OREI XDM-901
  • Stand-alone and stylish compact design, light and portable for traveling.
  • System condition memory. Converter remembers settings and returns to same input and output
  • Detects input automatically between: All Pal, All SECAM, All NTSC systems
  • 100-240V Universal power adapter, which will work in any country in the world
  • 3 years Manufacturer's warranty
  • Orei XD-M901 Digital Pal/NTSC HDMI converter
  • Universal Power Supply 110/240V
  • Instructions
  • 3 year manufacturer's warranty

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OREI XD-M901: PAL to NTSC Converter - RCA Input to HDMI Output

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