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INPUT: HDMI, Composite A/V
  • OUTPUT: HDMI, HDMI, Digital Coaxial Audio, Analog Stereo Audio
  • Converts any 576i/576p/720p/1080i/1080p PAL signal 50 Hz <> 480p/720p/1080i/1080p NTSC signal 60Hz
  • No video delay. Real Time video Conversion. Perfect for ANY size TV
  • 110/220V Worldwide Voltage



    OREI RCA & HDMI TO HDMI Video Converter

    Key Features:

    • Convert PAL/NTSC RCA Composite (Red, White, Yellow) or HDMI 50/60 Hz to HDMI 50/60Hz Converter - Automatically convert signals from PAL or NTSC analog to up to 1080p HDMI 50Hz or 60 Hz
    • Input connections: HDMI, RCA Composite & Output connections: HDMI, 3.5mm Audio, Digital Audio
    • Perfect Conversion - Converts Any PAL (50hz) Signal to NTSC HDMI (60hz) 1080p, Converts any NTSC (60hz) to PAL HDMI (50hz)
    • Supports Analog PAL, NTSC3.58, NTSC4.43, SECAM, PAL/M and PAL/N input formats and HDMI 480I/576I/480P/576P/720P/1080i/1080p at 50 or 60Hz
    • Includes 100-240 50/60 Hz auto switching power supply for use anywhere in the world, Lifetime OREI Tech Support & 12-Month Manufacturer's Warranty

    Few sample applications:

    TV: Take your NTSC (American) HD TV to an overseas PAL country and connect the local PAL set top boxes with analog RCA output or HDMI output to your TV using the XD-990.

    International travel and relocation: Connect your analog or HD video equipment or older gaming systems using the XD-990 to new HD TVs using HDMI connection.

    Camcorders or VCRs: Connect your older camcorders or VCR with your HD TV.

    Game Systems: Connect PAL or Analog game system like NES, SNES, PlayStation etc. to a TV with HDMI connection only.

    HDMI Output on XD-990 – Supports both audio & video from your source through the HDMI connection you may set the output resolution to 1080p or 720p at 50Hz or 60Hz. Additional audio outputs are available to connect 3.5mm audio source or connect digital audio coaxial output to an audio receiver system.

    Key Features:
    • No video delay. Real Time video Conversion.
    • This unit delivers crystal clear converted pictures, exceptional super-stable synchronism and superior color separation
    • Perfect for ANY size TV - NO SIGNAL LOSS
    • Converts Any PAL (50hz) Signal to NTSC HDMI (60hz) 1080p OR Converts any NTSC (60hz) to PAL HDMI (50hz)
    • Accepts all PAL, NTSC or SECAM formats
    • Supports 50/60Hz frame rate conversion.
    • Inputs: HDMI, Composite A/V
    • Outputs: HDMI, Digital Coaxial Audio, 3.5mm Analog Stereo Audio
    • Supports PAL/NTSC HDMI Input Format: 480I/576I/480P/576P/720P at 50 or 60Hz/1080I at 50 or 60Hz/1080P at 50 or 60Hz
    • Perfect for NTSC TV in overseas countries, and PAL PS3, X-Box, Wii on US TV
    • Includes 100-240V Universal Power Adapter with Standard US Plug

    RCA & HDMI to HDMI Video Converter

    • HDMI Output Format: 720P at 50/60Hz, 1080P at 50/60Hz. (Option to Select PAL or NTSC)
    • Audio Output Format: Digital Coaxial Audio, Analog Stereo Audio.
    • HDMI Input Format: 480I/576I/480P/576P/720P/1080I/1080P at 50/60Hz.
    • AV / Composite / CVBS Input Format: PAL/NTSC_M/NTSC4.43/SECAM/PLA-M/PAL-N.
    • Compatible with several DVI formats: 800X600, 1024X768, 1280X1024, 1360X768, 1680X1050,
    • Orei XD-990 Video Converter
    • Power Supply (110/220V)
    • User Manual
    • 30-Day Bombay Electronics Warranty
    • 3 Years Manufacturer's warranty

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    OREI XD-990: RCA & HDMI TO HDMI PAL NTSC Multi-System Video Converter with Coaxial Audio Output

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